Zhen Jun Chang


Zhen Jun Chang


Zhen Jun is an entrepreneur and consultant with over 10 years of consulting experience in the fields of strategy and business. As a professional with a curious mindset, she is always looking for ways to do and become better, helping organizations in their strategic direction and execution, transformation, and business model innovation.

My talent

Helping others (organizations and people) reach further with strategic thinking, new ideas and a great dose of enthusiasm and positivity

My education
  • BSc International Business Administration
  • MSc in International management, majors in Strategic management and Entrepreneurship
People and organizations that inspire me

My parents – entrepreneurial immigrants from China, who build theirentire existence in a foreign and unknown country no matter the challenges,while supporting their families at home

Richard Branson – entrepreneurial master, showing that with an idea anda bunch of creativity and willingness to make it work, you can succeed

Sustainable start-ups – showing how their great ideas can help the worldbecome a better place

What I like to do in my spare time
  • Spending time and creating memories with my family
  • Learning new things and reading books on personal development and growth
  • Travelling
This track kicks off my weekend

Summerhits always make me happily start of the weekend

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