Marthe Posthumus


Marthe Posthumus


Marthe Posthumus is a creative problem solver with a curious,analytical mindset who loves to work on projects that are geared towards innovation and driven by making an impact on society. She has a background in strategic innovation management and data analytics and experience with various projects in business model innovation, business process optimization, product development, data analytics and partnership development. Her ambition is to help organisations to become more future-proof and thereby accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.

My talent

Recognizing out of the box opportunities. Translating complex challenges into impactful and visually attractive concepts. Connecting relevant stakeholders to maximize impact.

My education
  • MSc Marketing Intelligence
  • MSc BA Strategic Innovation Management
  • BSc Business Administration + Honours program
People and organizations that inspire me

Entrepreneurs that can build something impactful from scratch, which creates value from multiple perspectives (financial, social, environmental value etc.)

What I like to do in my spare time
  • Music (singing, performing, composing)
  • Writing
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Enjoying food and drinks with family and friends
  • Enjoying nature
This track kicks off my weekend

Mas que nada – Sergio Mendes

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