Marc Spronk


Marc Spronk


Marc is an executive with expertise in multiple facets of international management consulting and corporate strategy. He is a director at nlmtd and can move easily among strategy, creativity, and pragmatism in his interactions with clients, using whichever approach is most effective and appropriate for the specific situation. This flexibility of approach is mirrored by his extensive knowledge base, which he leverages to make organization future-proof. Combined, these attributes have allowed him to lead transformational change in numerous organizations in the Consumer Products Food and Agribusiness, helping executive teams achieve their strategic goals. Impactful by innovation and support of the UN Sustainable Developments Goals, development of teams and the integration of digital technologies.

My talent

Combines strategy, creativity and pragmatism in making strategy and innovation happen, leveraging extensive knowledge base to make organizations future-proof. Leader in purpose led transformations.

My education

Master Business Economics and Executive Master Finance & Control – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

People and organizations that inspire me
  • People: people who lead the way to find, create and scale up solutions for our sustainable development goals, and achieve the world we all want.
  • Organizations: business as a force for good. Businesses that will engage with the solutions and engage with the sustainable development goals. DSM, Nestlé and Tesla

What I like to do in my spare time
  • Cycling, Skiing and Skating
  • Traveling
  • Reading – business, comics, magazines and news
  • Enjoying Spanish and Italian food & wine

This track kicks off my weekend

Cycling track with my bicycle team

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