Koen Hut


Koen Hut


Koen is an analyst who connects the dots and cuts to the chase easily. He is regarded as a pleasant conversation partner that dares to challenge and is always searching for the question behind the question. Koen likes to take a strategic perspective with a focus on innovation and finds it fun to be creative and conceptual. He knows how to put this into words and convey to others. With these skills he likes to contribute to sustainability projects.

My talent


My education
  • MScBusiness Information Management
  • Bachelor Marketing Management (with honours)
People and organizations that inspire me
  • Business leaders that combine thehead with the heart, demonstrating sustainability can be done. Examples areFeike Sijbesma (CEO DSM), Yvon Chouinard (founder Patagonia), Elon Musk(SolarCity, Tesla, Hyperloop),
  • The restaurant owners portrayed in Netflix’sdocumentary series ‘Chefs Table’ – amazing life stories, a lot of passion andcreativity
  • Barack Obama is for me the leading example ofinspiring leadership: intelligent, charismatic, thoughtful, humble, positive –I miss this guy!
What I like to do in my spare time

When at home I liketo eat and cook good food, have some drinks in town, practice sports (gym,cycling, yoga) and go for a canal tour with the boat that I proudly own with some friends.  On holidays I like to get active outdoors: hiking, kite surfing, skiing.

This track kicks off my weekend

There is no point in denying it, my guilty pleasure genre is funky disco music.

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