Joost Brinkman


Joost Brinkman


Joost is a committed energy & sustainability professional with 20 years of experience in international complex multi-stakeholder environment. Special focus on concept and business development, innovation, circular economy and bridging the gap between promising startups and corporates. Joost lives in Utrecht in an energy positive house and is always willing to support!

My talent

Energize people. Analytical and what box?

My education

Nuclear Reactor Physics at Delft University of Technology

People and organizations that inspire me
  • Maurits Groen: Always positive with a ‘just do it’ mentality
  • Bill McKibben: Building a global tribe to ditch carbon
What I like to do in my spare time

Spare time is rare. But I like to cycle to work and manage an energy cooperation

This track kicks off my weekend

Hotel California (Spanish mix) - Gipsy Kings

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