Ingmar Lambregts


Ingmar Lambregts


Enterpreneurial and curious, those are two qualities that Ingmar brings along. A tech enthusiast with a (data) marketing view or the other way around? Whatever the case, Ingmar helps companies move forward with practical solutions for data and marketing driven challenges.

My talent

Keeping the ultimate goal in mind, so that data and tech do not lead a life of their own and become a goal in itself.

My education

BSc Food and  Business

People and organizations that inspire me

Tony Seba for this book Clean Disruption. Optimism about the future of transport,renewable energy and innovation.

va Gladek, an industrial ecologist,for her vision on society.

What I like to do in my spare time

Enjoyingmy sports, like running or kiteboarding, but also enjoying the nature of theUtrechtse Heuvelrug. Other things would be a nice diner with some great wine orenjoying time in Austria.

This track kicks off my weekend

Blasting into the weekend would be with Rainbow in the Sky by DJ Paul #quiltypleasure

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