Herman Knevel


Herman Knevel


Herman is an enthusiastic and driven innovator. From the status quo and opportunities, he is a keen strategic conceptual thinker and driver of change and innovation. He has extensive experience in outsourcing partnerships, working within and with corporates at all levels, and is an innovation expert. Experienced in innovation working with startups.

My talent

To ignite innovation, to get organizations and people energized for exploration in an ambidextrous way, and to activate innovation doing for impact.

My education
  • Vested Sourcing Models (University of Tennessee)
  • Busines Model Innovation (Busisnness Model Inc)
  • BSc Facility Management (University Inholland of Applied Sciences)
People and organizations that inspire me

Currently reading and discovering a lot about technology, innovation and the impact in and from China. In 2020 I want an on-field inspiration trip. Wanna join?

What I like to do in my spare time

After hitting the gym, supporting the kids on the sport field, going all in on the Green Egg with my girl, kids and friends. Or just enjoying and meaningful conversation with a glass of wine.

This track kicks off my weekend

Dekmantel Selectors 2019 playlist

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