Henriette Mansell


Henriette Mansell


Henriette is a lighthearted and committed person who can implement sustainable changes in traditional environments. Solving problems in a creative and practical manner is amongst her strengths. She is passionate about business innovations and sustainable impact, shown in her thesis on mutual value creation in Rwanda and her sabbatical in Nepal

My talent

Helping organizations to change in a personal, colorful and focused manner

My education
  • MSc Business studies(International Management & Strategy)
  • BSc Business & Economics - Minor Social Geography
People and organizations that inspire me

Anyone who has the guts to move against the stream to make the world a little happier, greener and more balanced. Such as stubborn social entrepreneurs, free-spirited journalists and comedians.

What I like to do in my spare time

Moving, wondering, meeting, traveling, cooking, learning, playing, laughing, being together and reflecting on all the beauty that this world has to offer

This track kicks off my weekend

Earth Groove - Vijay & Sofia Zlatko

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