Hein-Willem Blokland


Hein-Willem Blokland


Hein-Willem is an entrepreneurial consultant who helps clients become relevant by sustainable innovation. He is passionate about the themes circular economy, mobility and energy transition, and prefers to turn climate change into opportunities. His specialties are innovation, business development and startup coaching . Hein-Willem is particularly enthusiastic and driven to design solutions that are making sustainable impact.

My talent

Hein-Willem combines associative and strategic thinking with a positive critical attitude, and with it, finds creative solutions that connect people.

My education

Master of Science in Advanced International Business, Management and Marketing from the University of Groningen and Newcastle University

People and organizations that inspire me
  • People:Thought leaders who have a vision on how to bring humanity forward in harmony and without compromising the environment, such as  Paul Hawken and Thomas Rau.
  • Organisations: that are the example of creating sustainable products such as DSM Niaga and Fairphone, and organisations that revert degraded land such as Commonland and JustDiggit.

What I like to do in my spare time

I recharge by experiencing nature in the dunes or on the beach while walking, running or kitesurfing

This track kicks off my weekend

Can be a different one every week!

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