Frits Thijs


Frits Thijs


Frits is an entrepreneurial consultant, focused on results. With experience in program management, new business development and innovation he concentrates on the Dutch energytransition. Thereby, his analytical and communication skills play an important role.

My talent

Making the complex simple. Staying positive and keeping an eye on colleagues while doing this.

My education

Master Industrial Dynamics and Strategy – Erasmus School of Economics

People and organizations that inspire me
  • Roger Federer: The best tennis player of all time, thereby reinventing his techniques to stay on top of the game.
  • Laurens Ten Dam and Bram Tankink: I respect the passion and discipline of all professional cyclists in general, but they also see the importance of having fun in life.
  • Philips: One of the most innovative companies in history, and manages to reinvent its own company during difficult times.
What I like to do in my spare time
  • All kinds of sports; mainly football, skiing, and cycling
  • Seeing friends
This track kicks off my weekend

Fresku – Juice

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