Frits Thijs


Frits Thijs

My talent

I'm an Analytical Teamplayer.

My education

Master Industrial Dynamics and Strategy – Erasmus School of Economics

People and organizations that inspire me
  • Roger Federer: The best tennis player of all time, thereby constantly adding new techniques to his game.
  • Laurens Ten Dam and Bram Tankink: I respect the passion and discipline of all professional cyclists in general, but they also see the importance of having fun in life.
  • Philips: One of the most innovative companies in history (raised a fantastic football club as well), and manages to reinvent its own company during difficult times.
What I like to do in my spare time
  • All kinds of sports; mainly football, skiing, and cycling
  • Seeing friends
This track kicks off my weekend

Fresku – Juice

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