David Kat


David Kat


I’m David Kat. A 17th generation Amsterdammer, I’ve worked in London and Paris for 2 years each. With 12 corporates years and 15 as an innovative entrepreneur, my focus is on creating a positive impact. Every day I’m seizing the opportunities that averting the climate crisis offers for a triple bottom line.

My talent

I see opportunities in combining unique propositions from seemingly unrelated companies. I’m able to bring innovation and scale together, in successful co-operations that make a positive impact.

My education

As a kid, I wanted to get a top MBA and set out on what I thought was the fastest route there. Being immersed in the new thinking Internet offered at the turn of the century, I decided on a more entrepreneurial approach.

People and organizations that inspire me

Drawdown.org are scientists that looked at the climate crisis, and  decided to take it head on. Combining a wealth of available studies, they  proved solutions that impact, scale and create a profit are already here.  It’s been driving my efforts to prevent food waste (their #1 solution) for  the past years

What I like to do in my spare time

Some of my most memorable moments are with my daughters in a museum, when they ask me to tell them more and more about a painting. And when they’re able to retell that with relish, even months later.

This track kicks off my weekend

Hustlin’ - Rick Ross feat. Busta Rhymes

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