Boudewijn van Silfhout


Boudewijn van Silfhout


Boudewijn is an approachable executive inspired by creating lasting "future-proof" change with impact. More important is Boudewijn's ability to bring parties together, inspire and connect them. Boudewijn's background in strategy consulting and transformation is complemented by his senior management experience as leader of consulting division of IBM Netherlands. Boudewijn has carried out (digital) transformation programs at banks, insurance companies, the agricultural sector, SMEs and the government. Today he helps organizations to transform to a more sustainable business model. Motto: Growth and comfort do not coexist

My talent

Independent analytical thinker, connecting people and organisations. Reducing complexity. Integrity. Driven by sustainable results.

My education
  • “Strategy and Innovation” Oxford University (2-year Post-Graduate  course)
  • MSc, Technical University Eindhoven
  • Marketing (NIMA)

People and organizations that inspire me

You can be inspired by anyone and anything, ... if  you want. A few examples:

·      Nelson Mandela, an example of "modern"  leadership.

·      My mother, "tomorrow is more important than  yesterday"

·      Steve Jobs, vision and perseverance is all it takes

·      IBM,  their motto: "THINK"

·      ICM, the human organization put into practice 15  years ago

What I like to do in my spare time
  • Playing games with family and friends
  • Good movie
  • Travel "off-the-beaten-track"
  • Photography
  • Any competitive sport
This track kicks off my weekend

Way down we go - Kaleo

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