Alexander van Noort


Alexander van Noort


Alexander is especially focussed on complex systems related to energy, infrastructure, and subsurface markets, creating transparent strategies for a sustainable profitable future. Two decades in the international energy and geodata industry were started off exploring for new Oil &Gas as a Schlumberger field engineer, but evolved to all-round strategic inclusive leadership. Through the process of innovation, design and strategic thinking, and by listening, coaching and communication, he made many diverse teams excel. Combine the principle of continuous improvement, solid business leadership, an eye for talent selection and development, with his energy, and you have a great mix for supporting cumbersome transformation projects. Throughout his career he designed and implemented a variety of successful creative strategies. He did so hands-on for single business locations and as part of a billion dollar global corporate digitalisation transformation. He truly cares about the future of our planet and is convinced that profitable business and a sustainable environment go hand in hand.

My talent

Analysing complex organisational challenges, create team motivation and together set a simple inspiring direction to a success.

My education

MSc Applied Earth Sciences, Technical University Delft

MSc Management Oil & Gas Industry, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburg

Executive Certificates: Disciplined  Enterpreneurship, HR and more, MITSloan, Boston.

People and organizations that inspire me

Ayn Rand, as originator of objectivism

Janine Bunyus as frontrunner for Biomimcry

Dan Pink for making people motivation simple

Alain de Botton for challenging all that isaccepted, but seeing good in most.

What I like to do in my spare time

Hockey, hiking, kickboxing, tennis, skiing and snowboarding, cooking (and eating such), opera, contemporary art and architecture as well as Lego

This track kicks off my weekend

Hard to Handle, Black Crowes, or Let love Rule: Lenny Kravitz

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