Globalization, rapid innovation, and business model disruptions are challenging all traditional companies. Therefore strategy is more necessary than ever.

To embrace new trends, business leaders must understand, compete across, and adapt to, a much broader range of strategic environments, each requiring distinct approaches and capabilities.

Determining the direction of your organisation is essential. With a clear direction the organisation can focus on realising your ambitions. We can help you develop and realise your strategic focus. We excel in creating clarity, enthusiasm and the leitmotif needed in this fast changing world. Through our extensive experience in strategy development within different industries, and agile expertise, we are able to rapidly help you create the right strategic angle, and but also help you execute it.

Strategy Development

Be the best: Overall strategy

With our overall strategy services we help you to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by positioning your firm optimally in your market or attractive new markets. We help you to identify where to invest, what to build, what to acquire and how to achieve the desired strategic outcomes.

Be a disruptor: Innovation strategy

The difference between a leader and a follower is innovation. We don’t live in an era of change, we live in a changing era. Therefore it is important to understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and the implications for your business model. We can help you do that and identify high-potential growth opportunities in adjacent and “white space” markets or identify and pursue game-changing ideas to accelerate growth. Based on these insights together we develop a shared view of future aspirations, and a detailed plan for how to be innovative in the market.

Our Innovation team can help you realise innovation with our services around Innovation scouting, Agile business and proposition development innovation coaching.

Be agile: Operating model development & capability alignment

Linking your operating model to your strategic goals in an effective and efficient way has proven to be a challenge for many companies. The operating model determines behavior, operational processes, IT development, and management decisions. When a company’s operating model is inconsistent with the broader objectives of the business, that misalignment affects the day-to-day actions of individual employees and ultimately creates an insurmountable gap between strategy and execution.

Our operating model design framework combines strategic objectives with (required) capabilities in your company. Our framework helps you align people, culture, processes, IT development, governance structure and organisation structure.

Be bold: Growth strategy: Go-to-Market strategy and M&A strategy

Leading companies continuously refresh their growth strategies to capitalize on new market opportunities and redefine competitiveness in the market. Therefore, if you want to grow your business and outperform the competition you will need to do the same.

With our Go-to-Market strategy services we help you identify attractive new markets for your current products, identify customer needs that can be used to re-invent your current services or and develop new products & services. Subsequently penetrating markets requires a solid action plan by targeting customers with attractive products delivered combined with a compelling message at a competitive price via the right channels. We can help you realise this. 

With our proven methodology in Mergers & Acquisition we help you with market screening, (potential) target assessment, prioritize acquisition or alliance candidates based on strategic criteria and manage the due diligence process.

Be effective: Cost-reduction strategy

In a highly competitive market, which most companies are in, being cost-effective is key. With our effective value chain approach we help you realise a cost-effective and efficient value chain that will meet your customer demands. Our proven methodology identifies the value-adding activities in your value chain and maps FTE, costs, time that is allocated on these and non-value adding activities. Based on this mapping we develop hypotheses for the most important improvement areas and analyse these hypotheses. This will result in quick wins and more structural changes that are opportunities to create a cost-effective organisation.

Strategy Execution

Be focused: Strategy Execution

Determining the direction of your organisation is one step, but actually realising your strategic goals is what success is really about. Our professionals are eager to help you turn your strategy into meaningful results. We combine knowledge in strategy development with our operational execution expertise.

And make an impact: Sustainability & Social responsibility

Today’s leaders and employees not only focus on sustainably profit growth, but on making a social impact and being sustainable while doing that. By focusing on sustainability as a means for value creation, business leaders can build trust, transparency, engaged employees and create competitive advantage. Our professionals are very passionate about making a social impact in the world and are more than willing to help you in that journey.


Service Design, Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Global Platforms, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, Quantum Computing, etc. etc. Buzz words? Sure. Impacting your business? Absolutely. It is nearly impossible to keep up with the rapid developments of new technologies and the implications and opportunities they bring for your business. 50% of the knowledge of software developers is obsolete after 2 to 3 years. 

We believe it is crucial to have a “Watch Tower” to identify new technologies and new competitors in your market - and to update your digital strategy based on new developments. Also - we believe that building new skills in your organization is a key to future success. We help companies define the key skills that are needed, and our experts can help build up the new skills by working with your people to do actual projects in this field and transfer knowledge while delivering value for your organization.

Digital Strategy

A great digital strategy provides direction and enables executives to lead digital initiatives. The first step in setting this direction is to decide what kind of digital strategy to pursue. Is the first aim to define a digital strategy for development of new customer products and services? Do you aim to digitize your organization’s internal processes? Or do you aim to direct a full digitization of your organization both internal and customer directed.

Our experts can help shape a strategy that provides direction and can be adapted based on the progress and new developments in technology and customer expectations.

Social Impact

We believe that, nowadays, talented people passionately seek purpose in the work they do. We also believe we should make a difference in the world, by doing good. Taking social responsibility. Our people help underprivileged talents achieve their dreams. Part of our time and income is invested directly in purposeful projects.

Sustainability Impact

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.”, Barack Obama addressing the United Nations Climate Change Summit in 2014.

With over 97 percent of climate scientists agreeing that climate-warming trends over the past century “are extremely likely due to human activities”, the discussion has shifted away from the question whether climate change is real to the question what we can do about it.

The historic breakthrough 2015 Paris Agreement saw 195 countries rally around the goal of preventing what scientists regard as dangerous and irreversible levels of climate change - judged to be reached at around +2 degrees Celsius of warming above pre-industrial times and expected to be reached as soon as 2050.

The reality is also that in the modern capitalist world-economy, most of the brightest talent is drawn to high-earning jobs, not addressing the biggest challenge of our world. At the same time, modern and talented employees explicitly are looking for purpose when finding a job - wanting to make sure their efforts are making a positive impact on the world.

This is where nlmtd makes a real impact: attracting the best talent and matching it to projects in sustainability, allowing talent to make that impact through their work, and allowing organisations to attract top-talent to progress their sustainability agenda.

One example of nlmtd’s work in sustainability is at Buurkracht, where a mixed team of nlmtd and Buurkracht employees has developed new product propositions for Buurkracht; a grassroots sustainability organisation that focuses on energy conservation by encouraging and facilitating neighbourhood initiatives to reduce energy consumption and that is part of Enpuls and Enexis Group, one of the Netherlands' biggest electricity network operators.

This is one of the ways nlmtd contributes to sustainability impact.

Opportunities for all talents

Our people also support underprivileged talents. Helping them achieve their ambitions. In fulfilling their dreams. Providing them the opportunities they deserve. Therefore, part of our time and a percentage of our fees is invested directly in purposeful projects. Everyone wins in our unique model: our clients, our talents and experts and underprivileged talents.

Unleashing Corporate Impact

Our nlmtd teams love making impact. And one way to help accelerate impact is to help big companies to better empower their employees to Do Good.

We proudly partner with GoodUp. The leading provider of Corporate DoGood platforms. Their motto is: “Do good, better.”

GoodUp platforms help increase employee engagement, and help collect all impact your employees make:
“Corporate Giving and Corporate Volunteering provide great benefits to organisations and society. This motivates many people to go to the office everyday. But it can take up a lot of time to organise it all. The administration and reporting can fill your entire agenda! And the results might not even be visible. We’ve got some good news: you can automate the administration, reporting and matching of volunteers with projects. Our platform solution frees up your agenda and shows all progress and results, so you can focus on improving your programme. Increased awareness of the programme leads to more projects being started and more people taking action.”

nlmtd can help accelerate the implementation and roll-out of Goodup platforms in your organization.

Let’s create impact. Together.

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