New technologies affect the world more than ever. It is crucial to keep your organisation moving along with these developments. Our employees have an extensive skill set regarding internal innovation development and are familiar with the external players in the innovation ecosystem. We want to help you by supporting the development and application of innovation in your organisation.

Innovation: direction

We have developed a methodology to help shape the Innovation Plan for your organization, in close alignment with your company strategy, client expectations, market insights and the foundational elements like people, culture and tools.

We can perform a Innovation Assessment workshop with your management or innovation team in order to determine the current status and potential key development area’s.

Innovation: scouting

The power of innovation comes not from being the most innovative company, but being the company that harnesses the power of a strong innovation ecosystem. The startup community  is growing fast and it’s different to keep up. We want to you help find the real game changers and disruptors based on our extensive knowledge and large network of startups. We will help you get in touch and create strong collaborations (by collaborating, merging or partnering with different organisations like start-ups)

Innovation: doing

- Agile proposition development and implementation

Our Agile business development model and approach helps you accelerate proposition development and implementation. Based on our extensive experience in agile business model development we will help you develop, test and deploy new propositions in the market in a fast way. Based on our short-cycled approach new customer demands can be met and additional services can be implemented.

- Design thinking and canvasses

By using design thinking methodologies and different canvasses we would like to co-create on your innovative options and improvement areas. Together we develop a roadmap to start or boost innovation within your organisation.

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