Service Design, Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Global Platforms, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, Quantum Computing, etc. etc. Buzz words? Sure. Impacting your business? Absolutely.

It is nearly impossible to keep up with the rapid developments of new technologies and the implications and opportunities they bring for your business. 50% of the knowledge of software developers is obsolete after 2 to 3 years. 

We believe it is crucial to have a “Watch Tower” to identify new technologies and new competitors in your market - and to update your digital strategy based on new developments. Also - we believe that building new skills in your organization is a key to future success. We help companies define the key skills that are needed, and our experts can help build up the new skills by working with your people to do actual projects in this field and transfer knowledge while delivering value for your organization.

Our key focus area’s in the Digital Transformation are:
Digital Strategy
Service Design
Data Science

Digital Strategy

A great digital strategy provides direction and enables executives to lead digital initiatives. The first step in setting this direction is to decide what kind of digital strategy to pursue. Is the first aim to define a digital strategy for development of new customer products and services? Do you aim to digitize your organization’s internal processes? Or do you aim to direct a full digitization of your organization both internal and customer directed.

Our experts can help shape a strategy that provides direction and can be adapted based on the progress and new developments in technology and customer expectations.

Service Design

Service Design is a way to innovate your products and services starting from the customer perspective. It is a practical but creative way to improve your services and innovate new ones. Service Design starts with making the customer journey tangible and identifying the current pains and the opportunities to wow the customer.

Service Design is an interdisciplinary approach that combines many different tools and disciplines. It is evolving as an approach and a new emerging field.

The five principles of *Service  Design thinking are (from This is Service Design Thinking book):

  1. User Centred – the services should be analyzed through the customer eyes
  2. Co-creative – all stakeholders should be involved in the service design process
  3. Sequencing – the service should be visualised as a series of interrelated actions
  4. Evidencing – Intangible services should be visualised
  5. Holistic – the environment of services should be taken into account

Our experts have applied Service Design in many different organizations and can help you either in a specific Service Design project, and/or support you in setting up a service design capability in your organization.

Data Science

We provide the teams you need to transform your business into a DataDriven enterprise. Our data scientists combine Big Data and machine learning technologies to help your organization become DataDriven.

We support Data Science teams that operate in different industries across functional domains, or in specific domains like Marketing, HR, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance etc.

We believe in teams that help inject knowledge and delivery power into you Data Science capability - with the aim to transfer all skills to your team along the way and aim to make your internal team independent of external support.

Our services include:

  • Advice on how to leverage data to direct your organization
  • Help build Data Science infrastructure as a basis for future business modelling
  • Help design Data Science models that drive value for your organization
  • We help you to become independent from consultancy services

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