What we offer you.

The advantages of self-employment and a large agency combined. Without the drawbacks.

  • Your hourly rate is higher. And you keep 80% of it.
  • The remaining 20% is invested in you and the growth of nlmtd.
  • You get a 15% fee for selling assignments for colleagues.
  • You decide about your work-life balance and what assignments you work on.
  • You contribute to helping underprivileged talent.

Are you a talented professional or a top-notch expert? Do you believe in the power of inspiring collaboration, fair rewards, independent flexibility, and having fun? Would you like to do good by helping underprivileged people develop their own talents? Would you like to be part of a movement that challenges the status quo in professional services? And are you open for experiencing truly unlimited possibilities?


We are a talent movement that flips the traditional model of firms and agencies.

How does it work?

Traditionally, if you are employed in an agency or consulting firm, you work in pyramid shaped teams. This leads to huge overhead costs charged on top of your own daily salary. Chargeability is key, making talents a small cog in a large money machine. Offices, administration, marketing, and education are all well arranged.

But direct access to the client’s decision makers is a privilege of the hot shots of your agency. Therefore, your impact is limited. And so is your learning curve. As well as your income, despite the long hours you put in.

Conversely, if you are self-employed, you are free to do it your own way. You get to keep what your clients pay you, and if you work harder you earn more. You are independent.

But literally thousands of people do what you do, and in the exact same way. It is hard to get attention for your unique expertise and uphold a good hourly rate. You mostly do single person projects, as cooperation with other agencies or independent experts is difficult. And you miss a context of colleagues and soundboards.

Renting office space and arranging proper training and education is expensive. Managing your own administration is boring and time consuming. While clients sometimes don’t pay your invoices. Therefore, you sometimes feel lonely and lost.

What if you could eliminate the drawbacks of both alternatives and combine their advantages?

Well, now you can!

As a talent or expert at nlmtd you are part of an international top agency. Where you work on genuinely challenging assignments, in close collaboration with leading experts. Thus, your hourly rate is higher and you even get to keep 80% of it. The other 20% is invested in growth. Your personal growth and the growth of our organization.

The goal: unlimited development of your talent and business.

Services like administration, invoicing, IT, office space and support will be handled centrally. Enabling you to focus fully on the core of your work and skip the hazzle. Furthermore, think of education, training, coaching and intervision. Every month.

Without pressure on the number of hours you work per day, per month or per year. You choose what assignments you want to work on. Only you decide about your work-life balance. Do you want to work three days per week? Fine. Do you need to take a three month break every year? Fine too. And by the way, if you sell assignments for nlmtd colleagues, you even get a 15% fee of their revenues – as we want to stimulate everybody to think about the collective as much as about yourself.

And then there is that invaluable extra that we call purpose.

While deploying and developing your own talent, you contribute to a good cause. nlmtd is engaged with talents that live in inhibiting conditions and therefore invests in them. Think of people in developing countries. Or refugee talents in our own country. Or any other person who has barriers to develop their full potential. A win-win-win situation for you, for your clients and for underprivileged talents.

Sounds good? But still hesitating whether the model in our freelance collective suits you?

Don’t worry, we thought about that too. If we truly believe in your talent, we can offer you a ‘soft landing’ period.

You then get a one year contract and an assignment. During this contract you can build your business so you will experience a running start and can convert to the flexible model whenever you wish.In short: a unique and disrupting new model.

We offer you the full benefits of being an employee and being self-employed. The best of both worlds, without any of the disadvantages they involve. And together we help disadvantaged talents too.

So what are you waiting for? Join our movement in creating future-proof organisations.

Be unlimited.

Excited about our team and what we do?

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